Madis Birk

Founder story

Over the last 5 years, Madis Birk has helped hundreds of brands in the outdoor space and beyond boost sales through top-tier Facebook advertising campaigns. As a consultant for Hootsuite, the world’s largest advertising platform, and AdEspresso, Facebook's number one advertising partner, he has helped numerous Fortune 500 companies generate millions of dollars in ad revenue. He has also coached and mentored billion-dollar companies and individuals looking to master the game of Facebook advertising. Now, following his passion for outdoor adventures, Madis has founded BirkAds—the only agency in Europe that specializes in Facebook Ads for outdoor brands.

Audited 2,000+ Facebook and Instagram campaigns
Conducted 472+ hours in coaching sessions
Managed ads for 50+ companies all over the world
Generated millions in ad revenue and thousands of leads for Fortune 500 companies

Despite a high-profile career as an advertising consultant, Madis has never been a fan of arms-length relationships and corporate partnerships. Dedicated to offering outdoor brands Fortune 500 expertise outside the standard ad agency model, he set up his own agency and team in 2020. BirkAds gives outdoor brands the confidence they need to aim higher and enabling you to achieve your best Facebook advertising results. Ever. Facebook advertising shouldn't involve guesswork or anxiety, and Madis has the expertise and track record to take those out of the equation.

Why outdoor brands and Facebook ads?

Humans are not born to spend their entire lives inside concrete buildings. The outdoors are mankind’s true home, and our mission at BirkAds is to encourage more people to find their way back to it.

After serving a broad range of clients across multiple industries over the years, Madis found himself gravitating towards outdoor brands. His passion for nature and outdoor adventures may be to blame alongside a love for challenges—and advertising for outdoor brands is as challenging as it can get. Low profit margins, high sales volumes, seasonality, and extensive product lines in a competitive space may be daunting for some, but Madis has the know-how and experience to take it on.

Consulting in a big agency demands a breadth of knowledge, from different social media platforms to search engine optimization (SEO), copywriting, and other digital marketing skills. But after years of experience, Madis learned that his forte was, without a doubt, Facebook ads.

To offer clients only the best of the best, BirkAds was founded as a Facebook-only advertising agency specializing in the world’s biggest ad platform. When working with BirkAds, you can be confident that the services we offer are only in fields that we have mastered, and our growing team of specialists builds on this solid foundation of Facebook ad mastery.

What others are saying about Madis

Madis’ insight and enthusiasm has been a great resource for our social media team. His recommendations have made marked improvements in the effectiveness of our ad spend and overall digital strategy.

I would highly recommend him as a valuable resource to anyone looking to refine their social media marketing strategies.

Rachel Neimeyer
Rachel Neimeyer
Digital Marketing Supervisor
O’Reilly Auto Parts

When I first began working with Madis, the foundation of our Facebook Ads targeting wasn't quite dialled in. Not only did he provide a foundational education for this kind of work, he helped me to build off that knowledge so I could run successful campaigns on my own.

Madis instilled the confidence I needed to run Facebook campaigns for a billion-dollar brand.

Allison Dunsmore
Allison Dunsmore
Sr. Branding Specialist
Banfield Pet Hospital

Madis truly has his finger on the pulse with Facebook, Instagram and digital advertising in general. Most standard agency staff only handle half a dozen clients and these are usually in the same industry niche or location so it's rare for them to see the big picture. Madis is different. He has done a deep dive audit of over 1,000 Facebook and Instagram campaigns from all over the world in a range of B2B and B2C sectors.

Paul Fairbrother
Paul Fairbrother
Head Of Education

Experience speaks for itself

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